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InfoPro Systems developers have designed the following products, which are available to InfoPro Systems clients at no additional charge other than the consulting work needed to customize them to client’s particular needs. Source code for these tools is also available upon request so clients can rest assured that future customization work will always be possible.


DCASInfoPro developed the Data Collection Application Suite (DCAS), a GOTS open source toolset for survey authoring, data collection, data management and data delivery (data submission). Dr. Michael Volynski, founder of InfoPro, has been the original chief architect of DCAS since 2003 and is currently leading DCAS architectural design.

DCAS is fully driven by the metadata which is completely separated from the software, providing the ability to reuse study content across instruments, clinical trials and surveys or organizations as well as to support multiple data collection modes: online/offline, Computer Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI), Computer Assisted Self Interview (CASI), Self-Assisted Questionnaires (SAQ), Computer Assisted Telephone Interview (CATI), paper-based Questionnaires (PAPI) and platforms (Windows, Web, iOS, and Android) on tablets and smartphones. DCAS metadata describes not just the questionnaire’s content (both static and dynamic) to drive data collection instruments, but also describes post-data collection critical data items (CDI) extraction and creating operation entities (such as survey participants, addresses, contacts, participant communication properties, etc.).


MS Word Add-in application allowing to author surveys instrument specifications in MS Word and further transform them into a machine readable format (XML/JSON) to drive DCAS and third-party data collection systems for Windows, Web and mobile, online/offline, CAPI, CATI, CASI and PAPI instruments.

Report Writer

Report Writer (RW) is a Web-based application for generating ad-hoc and scheduled reports of financial, HR, health care and medical data. Through its user-friendly Web interface, Report Writer allows users to dynamically query and export data in different formats. Users can generate output immediately, save report settings for a future private or public use or generate a report on a schedule.

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