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InfoPro brings a highly experienced team of software developers with over 10 years of experience in developing metadata-driven solutions for surveys and health studies. InfoPro consultants have advanced degrees (Ph.D., M.S.) in computer science, Microsoft Professional certifications (MCPD, MCTS, MCDBA), Project Management Professional (PMP) certifications, other professional certifications; and, at least 10 years of experience implementing complex Windows, Web and mobile applications with relational databases containing hundreds of tables and millions of records. In addition, our engineers are experts in providing configuration and customization of open source systems and integration/customization of existing case management systems to provide an end-to-end survey solution for client’s needs.

Our Software Development Approach

The InfoPro Team uses the Evolutionary Rapid Development (ERD) method which is based on the concept of composing software systems using small development teams frequently interacting with stakeholders and delivering work in short iterations (cycles) consisting of planning, design, development, configuration, integration, testing (functional and security), and demonstration phases. 

InfoPro provides the following services:

  • Data Collection – InfoPro Systems provides tools and solutions for fully electronic data collection or electronic data collection integrated with paper-based data collection. We can customize data collection procedures for complex health studies, clinical trials, questionnaires and examinations integrated with biomedical equipment. We support multiple platforms: Web and Windows, iPad/iPhone and Android devices.
  • Paradata Collection - Paradata describes information obtained both passively and actively regarding the circumstances of the survey interview (interview flow, timing, location and audit trail). Our solutions provide extensive paradata collection support improving the quality of the collection process.
  • Central and Field Case Management – Our tools and solutions enable central (cross multiple collection sites) and field case management to maintain the study protocol, operational data and control data collection activities integrating with Open Source clinical trial systems to provide an end-to-end health IT solution.
  • Data Management - InfoPro Systems provides tools and solutions for data editing, up-coding, down-coding, reporting and data delivery, as well as integration with SAS and other statistical packages for statistical analysis. Our data management tools include a document generation system for generating study codebooks (with frequencies, if available) in Microsoft Word, Excel, and HTML formats; and study content documentation in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PDF formats.
  • Metadata Management - InfoPro Systems provides tools and solutions for survey content authoring and metadata repository management for a single study or across multiple studies and projects, allowing scientists and researchers to easily create and maintain study content and protocols and preview data collection questionnaires and delivery datasets.
  • Data Reporting - InfoPro Systems provides tools and solutions for health study comprehensive reporting on-demand and on-schedule, including reports of study operational data, collected responses, associated paradata and metadata. Reports can be printed or exported in many popular formats like PDF, Word, Excel, XML and HTML.
  • Data Research and Analysis - InfoPro Systems provides single or cross-study content repository integrated with study statistical data from SAS or SPSS allowing research and analysis of multi-variable statistical trends and vitals.
  • Data Delivery and Publishing – InfoPro Systems integrates our metadata repository with the SAS statistical package so SAS macros can be used to calculate content-related statistical information and can be easily expanded to support additional statistical methods. Sophisticated search functions allow researchers to find content and related statistical information according to several criteria and to export the results into different formats.
  • Data Hosting – InfoPro Systems--in cooperation with hosting providers--provides all necessary technical support, issues resolution, and server configuration to host health study data in a secure, FISMA-compliant environment and following FISMA-compliant security procedures.


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