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InfoPro Systems and AMAR International Awarded Five-Year Contract for NIDA CJ-DATS2 Project

Vienna, VA. October 14, 2008 - InfoPro Systems, Inc. (, a software development and consulting firm specializing in designing information systems that collect, process and distribute clinical and research medical science data, will work as a subcontractor with AMAR International on a contract by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) - National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) for its Criminal Justice Drug Abuse Treatment Studies 2 (CJ-DATS 2) project.

The NIH-NIDA established CJ-DATS as a cooperative research program to explore issues related to the delivery of effective drug treatment for drug abusing offenders in the criminal justice system. CJ-DATS 2 is designed to develop and test systems-level models that integrate public health and public safety approaches for criminal justice-involved adults and adolescents with drug abuse and addictive disorders. The research will be carried out in prisons, jails, reentry drug courts and community-based treatment settings in collaboration with other awardees and with NIDA.

InfoPro Systems, working with the primary contractor, AMAR International, Inc., is responsible for developing and maintaining the project Web portal. The current CJ-DATS Coordinating Center has created and currently maintains a Website at The new Website will facilitate dissemination of easily-accessible study reports and research findings to multiple audiences (including treatment practitioners, criminal justice system personnel, and research audiences), sharing of public use data with researchers, and making CJ-DATS products (e.g. effective interventions or implementation procedures) available for public use. A private area of the Website will facilitate communication, information sharing, and logistics among the participants in CJ-DATS2 at multiple research sites.

The contract will result in to a new CJ-DATS 2 Web portal that will improve researchers' abilities to locate relevant content, implement comprehensive control over the storage, security, distribution, reuse and management of documents and other electronic content, and simplify content reuse and publishing. The CJ-DATS 2 site will also provide improved security and customized document management policies, enabling item-level access rights, retention periods, expiration actions, and document auditing. AMAR International will serve as a Data Coordination Center for the overall NIH-NIDA-CJ-DATS program and will work with academic investigators and their criminal justice partners across the United States. The company has provided program management, data management, biostatistical analysis, and other services to the CJ-DATS program at NIH-NIDA from the very beginning of the program. Dr. Savita Prakash serves as the Principal Investigator for the contract.

About InfoPro Systems, Inc.

InfoPro Systems, Inc. was founded by Dr. Michael Volynski in 1996 as a software development and consulting firm specializing in Web and Windows application development and software tools development. Most InfoPro Systems projects involve designing architectures and information systems that collect, process, and distribute clinical and medical science research data. InfoPro Systems consultants help architect, develop, and maintain information systems for several large-scale national and community health surveys as well as health studies results research and delivery systems. Dr. Volynski is the chief architect of the Community Health Information Technology Architecture (CHITA), a Federally-owned set of software tools and databases for health survey data collection, delivery, and analysis.

About AMAR International, Inc.

AMAR is a program management company specializing in biomedical programs. The company is dedicated to offering the right solution to federal agencies, pharmaceutical/ biotechnology companies, financial institutions, and clinical research organizations. AMAR provides data coordination tools and services, regulatory and clinical research support, biostatistical analysis, DSMB services, program management for clinical and pre-clinical research, and strategic advisory services to the biomedical programs in the federal government as well as to the bioscience companies.

AMAR is a US Gov't's SBA certified, SDB, 8(a), Women Owned company. It was incorporated in 1999. AMAR's main office is located at Fairfax Innovation Center, in Fairfax, Virginia. The office is in close proximity to numerous federal agencies in the Washington D.C. metro area. Additional details on the company can be obtained at


Dr. John Prakash
Senior Vice President
AMAR International, Inc.
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Dr. Michael Volynski, President
InfoPro Systems, Inc.
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